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Chiniki Lecture 2016



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Old Stock Canadians: Arab Settlers in Western Canada

King Ganam



History of Women’s Political and Social Activismin the Canadian West


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HIST 460/660 Sem A2: Public History in Canada 
Tuesday 2-4:50PM T 2 44

This course explores how history is communicated to the public through diverse institutions and formats including museums, historic sites, commemorations, television and other media. Students will become acquainted with the wide range of professional opportunities for historians outside of the university. They will gain experience in the skills and techniques of public historians as well as the challenges they face through an examination of recent controversies over historical interpretation and commemoration. There will be guest lectures by practitioners and field trips.

Native Studies 404 Fall 2015 – Colonialism on the Prairies – space available
The Department of Indian Affairs, the Indian Act & Reserve Communities, 1870s-1960s
Monday 1-3:50pm 156 Pembina Hall


In this seminar we will examine key laws, policies and initiatives that shaped the land base, livelihoods and living conditions on reserves. There will be a focus on an analysis of primary sources: oral histories, memoirs, and the documentary/archival record. Topics will include the “peasant” farming policy, the pass and permit systems, the pressure to surrender land, the File Hills Colony, soldier settlement and the Indian Homemakers Clubs.


New Article:


“’They Would Not Give Up One Inch of It:’ The Rise and Demise of St. Peter’s Reserve, Manitoba.”

In Indigenous Communities and Settler Colonialism, edited by Zoe Laidlaw and Alan Lester, (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015): 173-193.

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Wilson Institute for Canadian History Fall 2014 Events